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Spartans, this is our time! PHS athletics has established a tradition of excellence, and our athletes carry the mantle with pride. Paramus High School is a Division III member of the Big North conference, where the competition is keen and the caliber of play is excellent. 

Eligibility Requirements

  • Fall and winter sports: Earn at least 30 passing credits during the previous school year (five courses plus health and physical education)
  • Spring sports: Earn at least 15 passing credits during the fall semester (five courses plus health and physical education)

Black Out Dates

Please note that the athletics black out dates are on August 3, 2019, through August 11, 2019.


NJDOE Broadcast/Resource: Student Athlete College Eligibility Criteria

N.J.S.A. 18A:11-3.4 requires school districts and nonpublic schools that participate in sports sanctioned by the New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association to annually disseminate to each student participating in interscholastic athletics the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s freshman eligibility standards for participation in collegiate athletics. For eligibility standards, please see NCAA Division I and II sports.


A late bus is available at 4:00 p.m. for students who participate in after-school activities. A 5:30 p.m. bus is also available for students who participate in school-sponsored events. We also provide transportation to and from away games, events, and tournaments. 

Students who do not wish to ride with the team to or from an event must complete an Alternate Transportation form.

Head Coaches

Fall Sports
Football: Joe Sabella – Varsity, JV, Frosh
Boys Soccer: Rob Auriemma – Varsity, JV, Frosh
Girls Soccer: Justin DeFeo – Varsity, JV, Frosh
Boys & Girls Cross Country: Jeff Schorling – Varsity, Novice
Girls Tennis: Jonathan Morrisette – Varsity, JV
Volleyball: David Capozzi – Varsity, JV, Frosh

Boys Basketball: Dan Redden – Varsity, JV, Frosh
Girls Basketball: Brian Hay – Varsity, JV, Frosh
Wrestling: Chris Falatto – Varsity, JV
Bowling: Jonathan Morrisette – Varsity, JV
Ice Hockey: Denis Jelcic – Varsity, JV
Boys Swimming: Joe Marmora – Varsity
Girls Swimming: Joe Marmora – Varsity
Winter Track: Jeff Schorling – Varsity, Novice

Baseball: Pat Warburton – Varsity, JV, Frosh
Softball: Brian Hay – Varsity, JV, Frosh
Boys Tennis: Mike Kukla – Varsity, JV
Boys Track: Kevin Graves – Varsity, Novice
Girls Track: Jeff Schorling – Varsity, Novice
Boys Golf: Paul Barnes – Varsity, Novice
Girls Golf: Steven Klass – Varsity, Novice
Boys Lacrosse: Adam Ahmad – Varsity, JV
Girls Lacrosse: Michael Bellinger – Varsity, JV

Sports equipment